We asked 20 strangers to fight eachother to the death for the first time. The results will warm your heart.


realising that you forgot homework that you spent so much time on at home



Its all fun and games until you realize you don’t have the console for it


i’m crying (x)

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He reached for my hand…


soopymcspooky replied to your post “one of my fave things about tron legacy is the part where quorra gets…”

SAME and the acting and then the fights breaking out more and getting intense and daddy flynn’s arrival hngg

yessSSS and all the lights going down when flynn turns up oh man #godblessdaddyflynn

#also dp just headbopping along in the background.

I like how they witness a fuckign swat team crash into the club and people getting literally murdered and mauled in front of them and everyone’s screaming and crying and all they nod and happily change the song

CLU isn’t the real villain here. At least his flaws was because he was programmed to be perfect. Daft Punk are some stone cold motherfuckers


fav scene bye


Just bits.

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